This is being written April 30, 2010, the last day of the Alabama spring turkey season.  Tomorrow at 8 a.m. our guys at Southern Pines Hunting Club will be heading back to the woods with loads of high protein feed to fill feeders through out the property.  We use both electronic timed feeders and covered trough feeders.   We have found the home made trough feeders are much better.  The key is to make sure they are well covered to keep the feed dry.  Our plots were limed today based on previously conducted soil test results.  Minerals were applied to established licks in early February and will be refreshed again tomorrow.  In three weeks we will return to disc in the lime and plant summer crops on selected plots.  Our feeding and mineral program will continue on a regular schedule all the way into the fall.  We know supplemental feeding plus use of only the best high protein crops for winter plots is making our deer larger and healthier.  For more information on our supplemental feeding program contact Bryan Wilson 334-657-3707 and to discuss the plots call John Armstrong 256-375-2961.  Both of these gentlemen hold a wealth of knowledge and would love to help you with your projects.